Your call: Jeff Kimber plays a tough hand deep at the GUKPT

Event: GUKPT Manchester £1,000 main event

Stack: 200,000
Blinds: 800/1600/200
Jeff’s hand: K7
Board: K-J7

This hand was played by Jeff Kimber in the recent GUKPT main event in Manchester. The hand comes from early on Day 2. There are 35 runners left from a starting field of 180 and 20 places are paid. The remaining players were a good mix of professionals and local, more recreational, players.

The UTG player limped for 1,600 from a stack of 50,000. This player had been limp/calling some weak hands so this wasn’t out of character. Jeff was in the cutoff and raised to 3,700 with K7. He was the chip leader of the tournament at this time with 200,000. Action folded to the big blind Martin Bader, a regular in tournaments at the Vic and a recent GUKPT winner. He shrugged his shoulders and called for ‘the value’. The UTG player also called.

Jeff had been at this table since the start of the day although Martin was only moved there an hour or so previously. The UTG player arrived slightly late but had also been on the table since he got there. Jeff had been opening a lot of pots since play started as there were no big stacks behind him. The flop came K-J-7 with two diamonds. Both players checked to Jeff and he bet 6,600 into 13,700. Martin started the hand with around 110k. He thought for a short while and raised to 16,600. The UTG player folded and action was back on Jeff. What would you do with his hand and why? 

Can you think like a pro? Take a look at this situation and email with your thoughts on what Jeff should have done and why.

Last month 

Event: Brighton £500 GUKPT main event

Stack: 100,000
Blinds: 400/800/100
Karl’s hand: T-9
Board: Q9-6-72

This hand was the last hand of Day 1A. My image had been solid and I had been opening a fair amount. A local player opened from mid-position to 1,600. The player on the button had been very active and three-bet the button to 3,800. I cold four-bet from the SB and made it 8,100. The BB, who was chip leader at the table with 120,000, cold called. The original raiser folded and the button player also called.

The flop came Q-9-6 rainbow. I bet 9,750 and only the BB called. He had been playing fairly straightforwardly all day. The turn was 7. I bet 17,450 and he called after seeming to agonise about the decision. The river came the 2. I had around 65k remaining and he had me covered. What is my best play and why? 

The range of hands the BB most likely has preflop is T-T to K-K, A-K and maybe A-Q suited. On the flop all of those hands, bar A-K, likely continue. My turn bet was hoping to fold out some weaker hands and when he called I ruled out a slowplayed Q-Q. I think on the last hand of the night he would have raised by now.

By the river that left me trying to fold out what had to be A-Q or J-J (most likely) or, less likely, K-K and T-T. With 81,200 in the pot, the knowledge that I can’t win by checking, the possibility of re-entry tomorrow and the way in which he called the relatively small turn bet I decided to jam to put maximum pressure on these hands. After a four minute tank he folded Kings face up. 

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