Karl Mahrenholz reveals his top picks for WSOP 2013

By the time you read this the 2013 WSOP will be well underway. The UK will likely once more be represented by a hoard of hopefuls. If you asked an American pro which British player they thought would have a great chance of a bracelet this year who do you think they would say? Cody? Trickett? Moorman?

I thought it might be fun to have a look at some other UK hopefuls who might carry the advantage of being slightly lesser known but who have a real chance of bringing home some wristwear from the heat of Las Vegas.

Alex Lindop

Alex Lindop has one WSOP cash to his name from 2011, but his live tournament résumé, which totals $65k in cashes, doesn’t tell even a fraction of the story of this highly talented and well-respected English player. Regularly seen online at the $25/$50+ cash tables under the online name ‘podnil’, Alex comes from the same small-stakes live games in Leeds that also featured the likes of Matt Perrins and Jake Cody. He’s recently started putting a fair bit of volume in playing tournaments both live and online. He’s cashed in EPT, GUKPT and GPS main events already this year and to top it off won the Sunday Million in the past few weeks. Not bad for someone who still considers himself a cash game player and who doesn’t even rank hold’em as his best game. If he makes the trip I’d expect Alex to play a variety of events. Definitely a name to watch out for.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones is someone who has only recently turned 21 and so has just had the gates to Vegas open to him. Last year he took down his first live event, the six-max at the GUKPT, for over £17,000. It was actually his very first live cash of any description but it didn’t take him long to build on it having already cashed in further GUKPT and EPT events. Playing under the name ‘Jenbizzle’ online, Ben has racked up over $600,000 in tournament cashes, including a win in the Sunday Warm-up for almost $100,000.

Tom Hall

Tom Hall is a former poker dealer turned professional player and is building up a head of steam in 2013. While his first live cash came three years ago, 2013 has been far and away his best, and we’re not yet halfway through! Sandwiched between final tabling the last two GUKPT main events Tom found time to cash in his first EPT main event in Berlin. This has come on the back of a solid record in the UKIPT. Tom enjoys table talk so it will be interesting to see how he fairs at the WSOP where rules on verbal play are a lot stricter.

Jamie Roberts

I’m not sure I can call someone with eight WSOP cashes and $250,000 in live tournament results either new or inexperienced. Son of British pro Ben ‘Gentleman’ Roberts, Jamie’s background is firmly planted in cash games. Although his tournament results go back to 2008, I don’t think I’m too far wrong to say it’s only in recent years that Jamie has included more tournaments in his poker schedule. His quiet, unassuming manner masks a real talent and while he might not be the first name people will think of during the summer his ability and love of the game are clear. As long as the cash games aren’t too juicy for too long we could well see some deep runs this year.

The best of the rest Any poker player worth his salt will always be trying to reduce variance and so I’m going to throw in a handful of other names to give me a couple more outs. Although these guys are very well established they still have the ability to fly under the radar stateside and are packing some real talent.

Sunny Chattha has lots of Vegas experience and has increased his volume. He flew out at the start of May for some warm-up events, such is his appetite this year. Rhys Jones is another young player who many would say is ‘due’ a big result. He’ll be putting in good volume this year and I wouldn’t back against him. Finally, I have to add Simon Deadman. He’s won just about everything in the UK but only has one WSOP cash. If anyone has the ability to keep his ‘A’ game through massive fields and long days, this is your man.

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