Poker sets

A poker set is a neat contraption that houses all you would ever need for a poker game; poker chips, a carrying case, playing cards and a dealer button. The only problem with these is that many are of poor quality and not fit for a good home game. You need to avoid high street retailers such as Burtons and Next that stock these as the chips will be made of tacky plastic and the cards easily marked.

To get a good poker set go online to a site such as and spend a little more money than you would in the shops. For example, a £30 set with 300 chips will be incomparably better than a £20 set that it is worth spending that little bit more.

Of course, you are unlikely to ever find a poker set that is as good as buying the components separately unless you are prepared to spend the big bucks. However, an all in one poker set is a great easy alternative to get your home game up and running.

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