2014 PokerPlayer awards: Hands of the year

There were some crazy hands in 2014 – here are the three best

3: Fatal four-way – 2014 Canada Cup
Final tables can drag on. And sometimes they can finish in a flash. This was definitely the least expected finish of any final table this year and probably in the history of poker. The 2014 Canada Cup final table had been plodding along for nine hours when the final four decided to get every single chip in the middle preflop.

2: Rolling aces  – 2014 EPT Barcelona
In this ridiculous hand from the final table of the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller, Olivier Busquet gets it in preflop with A♠-2♠ against Sven Reichardt’s Kings. Busquet’s at risk and on life support on the K-8-8 flop. Busquet has less than 1% equity, needing runner-runner Aces. You can guess what happens next.

1: Aces no good – 2014 Big One for One Drop
If you’re playing in the biggest buy-in tournament of your life (actually the biggest buy-in tournament of all time), you really want to look down and see Aces – don’t you? You might think yourself unlucky if your opponent wakes up with Aces too. But what’s the worst that can happen?

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