PokerPlayer top 5: November Nine heroes

With this year’s WSOP Main Event about to reach its climax here are our favourite November Niners of all time…

5. Filippo Candio

Everyone loves an over-excitable and exceedingly giddy Italian at the poker table. In 2011 that role fell to Filippo Candio, who sucked out, screamed and danced his way to a fourth place finish. Excessive celebration? Sure but he brought a smile to lots of people’s faces.

4. Joseph Cheong

Not many players would have the testicular fortitude to six-bet shove A-7 offsuit when three-handed in the WSOP Main Event. Sadly for Cheong, eventual 2010 champ Jonathan Duhamel called it off with Q-Q to win the monster pot.

3. James Akenhead

Akenhead came in short in chips in 2009 and unfortunately couldn’t get anything going before busting in 9th. Still, his heroic run to the final table inspired a generation of UK players and for that we salute you Mr Akenhead. 

2. Kelly Kim

California grinder Kim was the ultimate underdog in the inaugural November Nine, making it to the final table with just ten big blinds! He hung on for dear life, before moving up one spot to bust in eighth. Mission accomplished. 

1. Phil Ivey

The world’s greatest player™ had an epic run to the final table in 2009 before the inimitable Darvin Moon got lucky to KO Ivey in 7th. It’s a shame – an Ivey win could have got huge mainstream interest for poker across the world. 

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