2014 WSOP Main Event: Top 5 hands

With the final table in sight we round up some of the best action from the 2014 WSOP Main Event…

5. Bubble boys

If going out of the Main Event before the cash is a tragedy, going out on the money bubble is the nut worst.

4. Kyle Keranen v Curtis Rystadt #1

Curtis Rystadt made a name for himself at this year’s WSOP Main Event, but is all publicity good publicity? Proof, if nothing else, that bad calls can work out well in the first of our two-parters…

Kyle Keranen v Curtis Rystadt #2

Never take things personally at the poker table. Rystadt got lucky earlier when he cracked Keranen’s Aces but can lightning strike twice?

3. Take it like a man

Here’s how you should take Kings against Aces when the final table of the Main Event is in sight. Dong Guo’s only other cash is for $2k which makes this even more commendable. WP sir…

2. Dan Smith v Aaron Kaiser #1

Stalling for money jumps is sort of understandable on such a big stage, where the jumps are so big. Stalling with Aces preflop and a set on the flop when you’re virtually all-in is not cool though bro.

Dan Smith v Aaron Kaiser #2

A short time later, it’s another pair of Aces and another set on the flop for Kaiser. Some guys get all the luck…

1. Air play

High-level poker played out by Griffin Benger and Tony Ruberto. Pull this one out if people tell you poker is a game of luck.

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