2016 GUKPT Schedule

Launched in 2007, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour brings the excitement of the big game experience to a casino near you. Check out the 2016 GUKPT Schedule below.

The tour is a series of poker festivals that take place throughout the UK. Each festival features several warm up events and a £500 or £1,000 Main Event. At the end of the year the stakes are raised to £2,000 for the tour’s Grand Final, which take place at The Poker Room in London. The tour is run by Grosvenor Casinos, whose dedicated team of professional tournament directors, supervisors and dealers ensure the smooth running of each and every event.

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2016 GUKPT Schedule

GUKPT Leg Venue Dates Buy-in & Prizes
Leg 1: London Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate 24th to 31st January £200,000 Guarantee,
£1,000+100 buy-in
Leg 1: Manchester Grosvenor Casino Bury New Road 28th February to 6th March £200,000 Guarantee,
£1,000+100 buy-in
Leg 1: Reading Grosvenor Casino Reading South 17th to 24th April £100,000 Guarantee,
£500+500 buy-in
Leg 1: Leeds Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate 29th May to 5th June £100,000 Guarantee,
£500+50 buy-in
Leg 1: London Grosvenor Casino Victoria 26th June to 3rd July £100,000 Guarantee
£500+50 buy-in
Leg 1: Edinburgh Grosvenor Casino Maybury 4th to 11th September £100,000 Guarantee
£500+50 buy-in
Leg 1: Luton Grosvenor Casino Luton 2nd to 9th October £200,000 Guarantee
£1,000+100 buy-in
Leg 1: Blackpool Grosvenor Casino Blackpool 6th to 13th November £200,000 Guarantee
£1,000+100 buy-in
Grand Final: London Grosvenor Casino Victoria 20th to 27th November £400,000 Guarantee
£2,000+125 buy-in

GUKPT Structure

The following structure will be used for all scheduled events on the Main Tour with the exception of the turbo satellites. The GUKPT provides one of the best live tournament structures around, with all festival events dealer-dealt.

  • A total of 9 Levels will be played on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Main Event
  • 2 day events play 10 levels per day
  • 1 day events will play until a winner is declared
  • Some super satellites may use a different structure to this one
  • Pot Limit events will not feature a running ante
  • Starting chip allocation may vary for some super satellites
  • All GUKPT side events have late registration for 2 hours from the tournament start time and 1 optional re-entry within this time period
  • The main events have 6 levels plus breaks for late registration and an optional 1 re-entry per day. In order to re-enter, players must have lost their chips by the end of the late-reg period

Blind Levels

The length of each level in GUKPT events is as follows:

  • Tournament Clock
  • Main Tour Main Events 60-minutes*
  • £100 – £300 Two Day Events 40-minutes
  • One Day Events 25-minute
  • The clock may be shorter for some satellites

* The clock will be shortened to 45-minutes in Main Tour Main Events after play goes 4-handed

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