Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar on shipping $250k before dinner

It’s hard to imagine what a life as a nosebleed grinder is like, with daily swings of a million dollars or more happening all the time. Luckily then, we have the UK’s top online cash game player, Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar, to tell us exactly what it’s like in his first blog post as a PokerStars Pro. It starts off good;

‘My favourite poker moment of 2013 came when my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to eat dinner with her one evening or if I was going to keep playing poker. I was two-tabling Viktor Blom heads-up at 400/800. We both had about $120k at each table, and we were in the middle of playing a big pot on both tables.

“Hang on” I said.

I needed to think about what to do next. I went all-in on one table and then all-in on the other.

Viktor called one, thought for a while and called the other. Both pots shipped my way.

“Nice. I just won a quarter of a million dollars” I said. “And he quit, so, yeah, dinner sounds great!”‘

In a great debut blog Millar goes on to comment how once you prove yourself to be a great player, a major problem is getting any action at all;

‘Coming into 2013, though, I had reached a point where almost nobody in the world was prepared to play against me for a reasonable amount of time. Isaac Haxton and Ben Sulsky were the only two guys prepared to regularly play me and they were probably the best two HU players in the world. Despite a lot of effort, I hadn’t found a way to beat them. This left me in a pretty awkward spot where I couldn’t just play those guys without losing a ton of money, but I also had nobody else to play.’

From there it’s a tale of heads-up with Isildur, million dollar swings before dinner and crazy players from Macau. Or, in Alex Millar’s life, just another day at the office. You can read the rest of Millar’s blog here. And make sure you revisit an excellent EXCLUSIVE interview we did with the Briton right HERE, that set the 2+2 Forums on fire when it was first released in early 2013. 

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