Antonius, Trickett, Seiver and Colman join the Super High Roller Cash Game

Patrik Antonius showed up on the Super High Roller Cash Game yesterday and lost his $250k buy-in

If you’re launching a new 24/7 poker channel, what’s the one show you’d definitely bring back? High Stakes Poker was the single best show ever put out on TV and repeats of the best episodes are still a draw on YouTube. When the co-commentating team of AJ Benza and Gabe Kaplan were stripped it suffered and the last couple of seasons were pretty low-key, but everyone remembers the glory days of Sammy Farha, Jamie Gold and Tom Dwan, right?

Poker Central are obviously doing things right as they’re recreating the show at the moment in Vegas, in all but name. They can’t call the show High Stakes Poker, but Super High Roller Cash Game is good enough, if a bit of a mouthful. It’s being streamed live for free on Twitch, without hole cards, but if you can wait, it’s going to be one of the flagship shows on Poker Central when it launches. And they’re bringing AJ Benza and Gabe Kaplan back to call the action!


If you really don’t want to know anything about it before it’s aired click here to read about the WSOP instead. Last night was the second session filmed and it drew another stellar line-up, with a couple of top players that haven’t been seen stalking the bracelets in the Rio yet. Sam Trickett and Patrik Antonius both bought in, along with Scott Seiver, Doug Polk, Paul Newey, Andrew Robl (who bought in for $1.4m) and the man who’s been the centre of all the big cash games in Vegas this summer, Australian Matthew Kirk.

The first big action of the night centred round a game of Johnny Lodden thinks, where it transpired that Doug Polk wouldn’t take $150k to shave his head for a year and Andrew Robl didn’t know 20 Spanish words.

Back in the poker Antonius got coolered with Kings against Paul Newey’s Aces in a close to $400k pot. And, with aggressive players and big stacks, there was no shortage of big pots, with Dan Colman and Scott Seiver getting into it in one hand we can’t wait to see play out on TV. Colman three-bet Andrew Robl’s open, Scott Seiver four-bet to $24k and Colman five-bet to $70,000. Seiver called and called a $50k bet on the 9♠-2-K flop. Colman checked the 3 turn and Seiver bet $120k. Colman made the call and checked the 8 river before Seiver moved all-in with Colman having around $340k back. Colman tanked and eventually folded, saying he had Aces. We’ll find out how good the fold was in October.

It worked out well for Seiver though, who ended the day as the big winner, with Paul Newey also leaving with a smile on his face. Kirk and Antonius were both felted.

The Super High Roller Cash Game is back for the third and final day today. Action starts at 2pm PT with the Twitch stream kicking in 30 minutes later at Twitch.TV/PokerCentral.

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