Brandon Cantu and Jeff Lisandro get into a fight at the WSOP!

During WSOP season most of the poker news that you see and read revolves around gold bracelets, millions of dollars, Phil Ivey’s prop bets and poker players tweeting their Day One chip counts to an uncaring world. That’s all well and good but PokerPlayer’s favourite story of the week involves Australian tank Jeffrey Lisandro and Brandon ‘I was f**king robbed’ Cantu, who got into a physical altercation in the hallways of the Rio casino. 

At first details of the event were sketchy but Lisandro recorded a video interview where he revealed the reason for the bust-up was an unpaid debt that Cantu owed the 5-time WSOP bracelet winner. Lisandro said, ‘no punches were thrown…[Cantu] has a gambling problem. There was a bit of a shouting match…he owes too many people money.’ Lisandro went on to say that he, ‘guaranteed [Cantu] with a loan and he didn’t settle it. I vouched for him, I wish him all the best. I feel sorry for all gamblers and this sort of industry doesn’t suit everyone…I’ve mellowed down the last five or ten years, I’ve seen it all now so it takes a lot to get me upset!’ 

PokerPlayer has every sympathy with Cantu if he does have a gambling problem, as Lisandro alleges, but if there is one person you don’t want to get on the wrong side of in the poker it may well be Jeff Lisandro. Just ask Prahlad Friedman, who had a legendary clash with Jeff of his own back in 2006… 


If Cantu does happen to come across Lisandro once again at this year’s WSOP we may end up seeing another emotional breakdown from the American, who was named in our Top 5 Crying Poker Players

Forget the WSOP bracelets and million dollar paydays – TMZ-like gossip like this is where all the real WSOP action can be found! 

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