Top 5: Crying poker players!

It’s an emotional game and sometimes those emotions can bubble over on and away from the table…

1. Mike Matusow 

In the 2004 WSOP Main Event Matusow got it all-in with A-K vs A-Q with only 88 players remaining. A river Queen sent Mike into convulsions as he sat backstage sobbing like a baby. 


2. Brandon Cantu 

A controversial ruling at the 2012 WSOPE had Brandon Cantu claiming he was ‘fking robbed’ after ‘the best performance in the history of the WSOP’. It’s no surprise that Cantu and Phil Hellmuth are good friends. 


3. Phil Hellmuth

Speaking of the original Poker Brat, here’s Phil. After his Queens are bust by A-J at a WPT event, Hellmuth walks off set before turtling up in a ball for SEVEN MINUTES like he had died. It’s tough to watch…but very funny. 


4. Andrew Feldman

Poor Andrew turned on the waterworks like a grounded teenager after Andy Frankenberger sucked out to win the PartyPoker Premier League.   


5. Greg Merson

Finally, a cryfest we aren’t laughing at! When Greg Merson won the 2012 Main Event after a year battling a serious drug addiction, the emotion was written all over his face in this winner’s interview. Go Greg! 

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