Compo! Take a pic and win a £500 live tournament package this Christmas with Ranking Hero!

Take a photo of a chip stack or a deck of cards stacked in a fun way and you could win a £500 package to play in the Christmas Cracker at Aspers Casino

Fancy winning a £500 package to play in a £25k guaranteed tournament at Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford? Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take a quick pic of a deck of cards or chips stacked in a fun way and post it on the Aspers Casino page on the poker social networking site, RankingHero. The winner gets £300 cash, free dinner at Aspers Stratford and a £200 buy-in to the Christmas Cracker tournament at Aspers Casino on December 21. The pic above was posted by one of the Ranking Hero ambassadors, Lucille Cailly – you can do better, right?

King of the castle

You need to be quick. You’ve got until Sunday December 7 to get your pic up there. The one with the most likes after the closing date will be awarded the prize so make sure you get your mates to help you out! Stick it up on our Twitter feed and we’ll come by and like you too!

If you’re not a member of Ranking Hero it only takes a few seconds to sign up for an account – and it’s totally free. Once you’re a member you’ll get regular ‘missions’ like this where you can win fantastic poker prizes. You’ll also find a massive community of players at all levels of the game, from big name pros to enthusiastic beginners. You can build up your profile, check your live results, interact with other players and see where your nearest live tournaments are.

Get involved now!

  1. Not got a Ranking Hero account? Register here for free


  2. Arrange a deck of cards or a stack of chips as imaginatively as you can. You don’t need a huge stack – be creative!


  3. Take a pic and post it on the Aspers Casino page here with the #AspersCastle. You can also check out the competition to see what you’re up against


  4. Round your mates up and get them to like your pic


  5. Win the competition. Win the Christmas Cracker. Celebrate Christmas in style!


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