EPT Season 11: Three best hands

The live stream from the first stop of EPT Season 12 kicks in tomorrow – this is the sort of action you can look forward to

Aces vs Kings vs Queens

Yep, it doesn’t just happen online. In this crazy hand from the Grand Final, Adrian Mateos gets it in with the worst of it in a huge pot. As they say though, it’s never over until it’s over, and if your name’s on the trophy…

Sick bluff from Cody

 Jake Cody has air on the river on Day 4 of EPT London. Would you have the balls to stick everything in on the river and get your opponent to fold the better hand?

Busquet gets lucky

Luck might even itself out but it’s always good to suck out on someone on the final table of a €50k buy-in. Olivier Busquet had less than 1% equity on the flop in this incredible hand.

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