Everest Prague Series – final results

The final tournament in the Everest Prague Series played out last night and with just $0.50 separating the top two going into the $10 buy-in event it couldn’t have been any closer. A decent finish from either i8u2atgypos or jjazzed would have seen them walk off with the €800 package. In the end neither could manage it though, with jjazzed finishing outside the money and i8u2atgypos only mustering a min-cash.

That was enough to put i8u2atgypos temporarily on top, but if he stayed to rail the tournament he would have been watching through his fingers as rivals Clungerine and WicketWalks made the final table. If either of them finished in the top 4 they would knock i8u2atgypos off the top spot. 

In the end it was the first freeroll winner Clungerine who scaled the heights after WicketWalks was knocked out agonisingly in 4th. That was good to seal second place on the leaderboard, leaving Clungerine – who ended up finishing 3rd – to scoop the €800 package and take his game to Prague at Everest Poker Live. 

Everest Poker Live plays out in Prague December 8-10 and we’ll be back with a full report after the event. 

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