5 of the Best Free Poker Tools

As online poker has boomed so has the number of simple-to-use tools to help you increase your profits

Veteran online player Phil Shaw highlights a few free-to-use websites and programs that you shouldn’t be without…

Just as the stock markets in the 1990s saw a shift from grizzled old traders living on their instincts to whiz kids in front of banks of screens, so poker in the new millennium has been taken over by a generation happy to use technology to serve its cause. Whether it’s tracking results (their own and those of others) or breaking down the intricacies of probabilities and statistics, the online generation is taking the game forward. By embracing the latest software, charts and databases, a new breed of player has been able to surpass those relying on instinct and estimation alone, winning consistently more than their peers. And if you don’t do the same, you’re likely to be left behind…

But there’s no need to panic, as many of the programs that can help your game are free of charge and easy to download. All you need to do is put in a little time and effort to familiarise yourself with the technology, and you’ll soon wonder how (and why) you got on without it. Here, then, are four free poker tools you can start using right now, and one product that, after an initial free trial, will pay for itself after just one or two sessions… Dive in – your bankroll will thank you!

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