#6 Bath

Bringing poker to the streets of Britain, where it belongs

Way back in Issue 1 of the magazine Ashley Hames stood on the streets of London and played punters at heads-up poker for their cash (or any other collateral they could muster). And thus Guerrilla Poker was born. This month, fresh from filming TV show The Most Dangerous jobs in the World, the prodigal son returns.

We rock up in the picturesque tourist haven that is Bath. Swaggering through the Georgian streets Ash is bragging about how he’s ‘well hard’ after his recent TV stint. So it’s a nice slap to his ego when, having barely stepped off the train, student Nicola acquires Ashley’s remaining ciggies, when her pocket Nines trounce Ashley’s 10-2 all-in bluff.

Further confirmation that Ashley’s actually still a big wuss comes when he whimpers that he ‘simply can’t take the cold snap in the air anymore’. Fortunately, the good folks at Cafe Fratelli take pity on us, and a bowl of minestrone soup later, Ashley’s ready for his next challenger, Wesley. He marks losing his live game virginity with some outrageous bluffs, which ultimately lead to his downfall. Surviving 20 hands, Wesley’s 4 -3 is massive underdog to Ashley’s K -5 . Seconds later, a board of K-A-3-10-7 causes Wes to leave with his tail between his legs.

Bank manager Dan is next up and there’s a lighter bought in Vegas up for grabs, along with a cash prize. Ash’s A-5 is bested when Dan hits a set of Kings on the turn. A couple of hands later, Ashley announces his straight with 8 -7 . Sadly for him, the straight only contains four cards. Nice try, chancer.

Bus driver Steve smells weakness and slaps down £50 and his prized cap. Ashley matches the bet, reluctantly throwing his beloved Vegas hat into the pot. Denting Steve’s chipstack by calling his huge bets in the first hand, Ashley’s top pair beats Steve’s middle pair, before taking him out a few hands later after coming from behind with A-8 to Steve’s A-K. To his credit Steve takes the beat well: ‘You’ve got to go for it, haven’t you?’

On a roll, the newly emboldened Ashley takes on home chef, Mark, with the prize of the new Strokes album and an all-he-can-eat buffet up for grabs. The prospect of food drives Ash to go all-in first hand. Mark calls with A-K but Ash’s pair of Sevens hold up and our work is done. Time to graze.

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