#7 Cardiff

Bringing poker to the streets of Britain, where it belongs

In a recent poll, a bunch of students were asked what constitutes their ideal 24 hours. the unanimous answer: Poker+Model+Beer = The Perfect Day. Probably. Well, we at PokerPlayer are all about making dreams come true, so this month we roll up outside Cardiff University’s Students’ Union with the glamorous Leilani Dowding in tow. And the students can’t quite believe their bloodshot, beer-sozzled eyes.

Once word gets out Leilani’s in town offering hot heads-up action, they’re lining up by the dozen. First in the queue is engineering student Reggie. His mate helpfully offers to prop our sign up, but judging from his putrid pallor, the sign is almost certainly holding him up.

Leilani becomes chip leader early on when her gutshot straight draw arrives on the river. Next hand, Reggie’s all-in and confident a pair of Eights is about to double him up, but it’s our lady who takes the fiver, when K-5-5-8-9 turns her 9-5 into a full house.

More interested in Leilani’s wares than her cash, Kieran’s playing for a kiss. Understandably reluctant to offer quid pro quo should she win, Leilani has a far more adventurous bet in mind… It’s not long before Kieran’s K-8 gets busted when Leilani’s Queen reigns supreme, making two-pair on the flop. As loser, Kieran has to bare all and do a lap of honour around the university courtyard with only our multi-purpose sign covering his bits. Delighted to be the other side of scantily clad for once, Leilani allows, nay, insists, Kieran keeps his boxers on as she administers a light spanking (our poor sign) and a consolation peck on the cheek.

Girl power

Playing the final tournament is Ollie, a locksmith from Cheltenham. These young boys have been putty in Leilani’s hands. Well versed in man’s propensity for talking shite means Leilani refuses to be bullied off big pots. The only effective bluffs today come courtesy of the savvy Miss Dowding, proven when her high card wins the game.

And as the sun sets on the beautiful Cardiff cityscape, Leilani ends the day with the ultimate poker accolade – a completely unblemished Guerrilla Poker record.

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