Can you think like a pro poker player in this situation?

Take a look at this new situation and tell us what you think Karl Mahrenholz should do next and why

PRO: Karl Mahrenholz
GAME: $1,000 NLHE side event, Aussie Millions 2010
STACK: 24,000
BLINDS: 400/800/75

THE SET-UP: It’s halfway through Day 1a of a $1,000 side event at the recent Aussie Millions and Hit Squad player Karl Mahrenholz is sitting at a very soft starting table. This is a unique event in which players eliminated can buy back in on Day 1c.

A young Australian guy has just moved to Mahrenholz’s table with an almost identical stack – Karl has him covered by just a few hundred chips. On the first hand the new player is dealt in he is UTG+1 and raises to 2,150. Mahrenholz is UTG+3 and elects to three-bet to 5,850 with Qh-Js.

The new player has no information on Karl and should give him credit for having a hand given the two players’ respective positions at the table. Everyone else folds, and after a slight pause for thought, the Australian guy calls. The pot is now 13,575.

The flop comes down Qd-8d-3c and the Aussie asks Mahrenholz how much he has left (19,000) before moving all-in. Should Karl call or fold?

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