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Online poker companies are offering players the opportunity to get money back

It appears to be a little known fact that many of the poker companies, who are desperately vying for our business, actually offer money back just for playing

The recent explosion of online poker has seen poker companies listing on the stock exchange and everybody trying to get a piece of the action. There are now hundreds of poker sites on the web to choose from but at the end of the day they all offer exactly the same thing – the chance to gamble some of our hard earned money against faceless opponents, sitting miles away in some other part of the globe. In our underwear if we so wish.

The adrenalin rush of sweating it out on the turn of a card with a small fortune at stake is now reachable without having to leave the house. We don’t have to travel, go out into the cold, worry about dress code or a taxi home. We can play any time of the day or night – there’s no closing time. We don’t have to miss Corry or Enders. As long as there is money in our poker account we can play till our hearts content.

But that’s the problem isn’t it – how do we keep money in our account. The first few times of playing we’re feeling our way in, learning the rules. But it seems so fast and furious. We’re always being told to hurry up by the computer – “Hang on I’m thinking! He’s probably got an ace but I’m really not sure. Give me a second to think! Oh I fold then.”

But as time goes by, and we start to worry about how many Neteller transfers we seem to be making, we gradually get the hang of it. We win a few hands; we start to work out our opponents; we actually come off a table in profit!

We’re hooked.

We up our stakes, we start playing the bigger tables – no limit even. We enter a tourney or two – even get to the final table. Can’t quite win though. But we’re not feed for the sharks anymore. We haven’t made a deposit for days now and we’re still playing!,/p>

But this is all dependant on winning – at least now and then. Poker is all well and good when we win, but when we have to keep clicking that ‘Deposit Funds’ button it becomes rather tiresome. If only there was some way to guarantee that funds are deposited into our account without the credit card taking the hit.

Well actually there is and it’s amazing how many people are currently playing poker (right at this very second even) who do not know about Rakeback. It appears to be a little known fact that many of the poker companies, who are desperately vying for our business, actually offer money back just for playing.

Well it’s time to spread the good news.


The profit that the poker companies make is called ‘The Rake’. They take a percentage of the pot of every game that is played. We don’t even notice it’s gone. But it builds up into quite a little pile of profit for said company. The term Rakeback actually comes from the method used in casinos where the dealer would use his chip rake to drag a few chips into a bucket…just to cover their costs. And make the odd million.

Online poker companies do the same thing, albeit electronically. And as an incentive for us to sign up with their site, they offer referral incentives, in the form of Rakeback, through various online Rakeback sites. This is exactly what it says on the tin – we get a bit of ‘The Rake’ given back to us. Thus, for every single hand that we play, the poker site takes their share and gives us a little back through the affiliated Rakeback site. If you play enough poker this can add up to a tidy little sum and come the end of the month, our poker account receives a nice little injection of cash.

Spread the word

It doesn’t matter whether we’ve won or lost – we’ve played. And that’s all we need to do to get our Rakeback. If we play enough it can fund our poker for the whole month. We can even lose and still not be out of pocket. Imagine that.

All we have to do is ask Uncle Google to find us some “Rakeback Deals”, sign up to our new poker site through the affiliated Rakeback site, and hit the tables. Now all our winnings are inflated by the Rakeback we generate whilst playing. Lovely Jubbly!

Me and my friends used affiliate Rakeback sites such as and who offer Rakeback deals with many of the popular poker sites, but a quick search on Google for “Rakeback Deals” will throw up plenty of choice.

Now go forth and spread the word…

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