Hand history from the 2008 WSOP Main Event

Greg Geller vs Roberto Romanello vs Mike Matusow, 2008 WSOP Main Event

The WSOP Main Event is the ultimate poker marathon, with a slow clock and gentle play in the
early levels. That is, until monsters collide, as they did in this three-way af fair at the TV table…

Blinds: 100/200
Rober to Romanello: J?-J?
Mike Matusow: 9?-9?
Greg Geller : K?-K?

Geller raises to 600
Romanello and Matusow call


Three players in a hand – Mike Matusow, Roberto Romanello and Greg Geller. Matusow with pocket Nines, Romanello has pocket Jacks, Geller leads them both with two Kings.

NORMAN CHAD (CO-COMMENTATOR): Three big pocket pairs, I smell trouble.

Flop: A?-J?-K?

NC: Set over set! Now I really smell trouble.

LM: Matusow does check, Romanello… owns a fish and chip shop in Wales… and he checks, and Geller checks.

NC: Geller should have fired away – too many draws on that board.

Turn: 10?

NC: See, someone’s gotta have broadway now don’t they? Nobody does, but somebody should.

LM: Matusow checked it, Romanello now, checks it over to Geller who leads, and he checks.

NC: What, I gotta get a court order to make this guy bet?

River: 10?

LM: Matusow is lucky he didn’t hit that Nine – he checks. Romanello now will bet, 1800 with Jacks full.

NC: Yeah, bad time for Jacks full…

LM: Geller now, Kings full, will raise it to 6000.

NC: Now Geller’s check-check looks brilliant. He’s got Romanello trapped. Matusow folds

LM: Now to Romanello, he needs 4200 to call.

Just don’t raise me.

NC: Geller playing games with Romanello.

Will you show if I pass?

GG: Pardon me?

RR: You show if I pass?

GG: No… no.

RR: One time?

GG: No.

NC: The only thing preventing Romanello from pushing all-in – and I would have yelled out hi-de-ho an hour ago – is that Geller made a big pre-flop raise, so he could have pocket Aces or pocket Kings. And unless Romanello’s going all Hollywood on us, he’s actually considering mucking his Jacks full, which would be an unconscious laydown. I mean, if he lays this down I’ll move to a Franciscan monastery and become head chef!

GG: Okay, I’ll show.

LM: Geller trying to move things along. Is [Romanello] really thinking of folding this?

RR: Okay.

LM: He does!

NC: No way he folds!

Wow! How do you f???ing fold that hand? Wow! Wow! Oh my God I could never have folded that hand! Wow! Okay, I would never have folded that hand, okay? I’m not going to lie to you.

RR: I knew I was beat.

MM: That is the fold of the tournament… How do I draw tables with people like this? I mean there’s 72 million idiots out there and I gotta drop guys laying Jacks full down and being right.

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