High Stakes Poker hand history: Jamie Gold vs Sammy Farha

After winning the 2006 WSOP Main Event, Jamie Gold got back in front of the TV cameras for High Stakes Poker. In this hand, he finally gets the worst of it when he picks up Kings to Farha’s Aces…

Blinds: $300/$600/s$1,200
Jamie Gold: K-K
Sammy Farha: A-A

GABE KAPLAN (HSP commentator): And on the first hand of this show Jamie’s got Kings. And he’s just going to call the big blind, hope to trap somebody. Uh-oh, and Jamie’s going to get trapped here, Sammy’s got the bullets. Very unlucky for Jamie here…

Sammy Farha raises to $4,200.

Shall we get it all-in now or later?

SAMMY FARHA: It’s too much money for all-in.

JG: I call… I call.

Before the flop is dealt, Gold checks in the dark and Farha bets $10,000 in the dark.

JG: Wait, wait, wait, maybe I’ll bet in the dark too, hold on, hold on… But how would the action go then? Then we have to see the turn… If I just call we see the turn.

DOYLE BRUNSON: What has poker come too?

Jamie Gold raises to $30,000 in the dark.

SF: I don’t understand, why didn’t you raise me before the flop? You got a problem with your hand buddy, because you didn’t raise me… Okay, I’m going to raise it.

JG: Wait, wait, wait… Sammy, do you have the Aces? Because I’m in deep… I’m in deep [bleeped] if you have Aces.

Farha raises to $90,000 and Gold calls.

Flop: 10?-6?-9?
Turn: 4?

JG: You’re doing all this to me with Aces?

SF: I’m not doing it to you, you did it to yourself! I mean, I bet $10,000, you raised me $20,000; Jamie, I didn’t do nothing to you. You’re blaming me and now you’re going to hate me? I should have gone all-in before the flop. Now I’m sick of it…

DB: If my daddy knew I was losing in this poker game he’d come out of the grave and beat the heck out of me.

I like you, you know I like you. Farha bets $100,000 and Gold calls.

River: 10?

SF: If you have a Ten you got me.

JG: I got you anyway… I’m calling, whatever you do I’m calling. You think I’m laying down my hand after putting in $200,000?

SF: Jamie I got you beat, I want you to know that I have you beat.

JG: Then check, check!

SF: Why would I check if I have you beat?

JG: Then bet, I call! I call, let’s go… You can bind me to it… There’s no chance I’m folding. You think I’m folding after all this? You want more money off me then take it.

SF: I have to bet my hand, I’m losing too much; I like you, muck your hand.

JG: I can’t muck my hand it’s too late.

SF: You have to muck your hand.

JG: I have the best hand.

You don’t.

Okay… I gave you an opportunity. I’m sorry… Don’t forget I was nice the whole way. I was trying to check it down with you.

SF: All right, I check, I got you beat buddy. Sammy shows Aces.

JG: I know you have Aces – enough!

SF: I saved you this because I like you.

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