Ibiza uncovered

Take 150 poker players, add 30 models, a
liberal sprinkling of sun, sea and sangria and
you've got poker Ibiza style

We’re always banging on about how our freerolls are the best thing since sliced bread, but now we’re approaching our first birthday we thought it was about time we proved it. As you might have already seen with only a few hundred players to navigate, rather than the thousands you get online, there’s no doubting the value.

But what exactly do you get if you triumph? Words are completely inadequate so we thought we’d accompany two of our winners on their once-in-a-lifetime trips.

This month we made a great personal sacrifice and followed Graeme Morl – the winner of our Goalpoker.com freeroll – to a World Cup beach party in Ibiza. Next issue we’re going to be cheering Rob Hewlitt on from the WSOP rails as he attempts to bring home the $10m first prize. But now, in the words of Jim Bowen, ‘Let’s take a look at what you could have won.’

Reader’s diary

PokerPlayer reader Graeme Morl (aka Morlspin) unravels the weekend hand by hand

FRIDAY NIGHT Head down to Gatwick Travel Lodge from Newcastle. Meet about 20 other Goalpoker.com qualifiers, play poker and get hammered until the small hours.

SATURDAY 7AM Get up for our 9am flight.
SATURDAY 1PM Arrive at our apartments. Head straight to the bar and start on the beers. Come second and third in two sit-and-gos.
SATURDAY 8PM Go out for dinner, hit a few bars and clubs. Last seven or eight seconds on a bucking bronco. Decide to stick to poker in the future.
SATURDAY NIGHT 3AM Back to hotel and find Julian, the Goalpoker.com cardroom manager, asleep on the road outside the hotel. Pile into someone’s room with a bottle of Vodka. Fold at 5am.
SUNDAY MORNING Wake up at 10.30am. Head off to the beach party. Cold beer, free food, model competition and a giant screen for the World Cup but the day’s highlight is playing spin the bottle with a couple of the models.
SUNDAY NIGHT Some of the lads are having trouble standing upright but we hit the bars in Playa del Bossa anyway. End up back in the rodeo bar and improve my record to 18 seconds.
MONDAY 10.20AM Wake up feeling very rough. Check out of the room and head to the bar for hair of the dog. Flight made easier by the number of excitable models.
MONDAY 7PM Back in the UK and facing a trip back to Newcastle. Knackered but happy.

As expected www.goalpoker.com put on a bloody brilliant weekend – and you could have been there if you’d won our exclusive freeroll. Remember to check for our freerolls each month so you don’t miss out on future offers.

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