Jennifer Harman

As a regular in the Big Game, we've no hesitation in naming Jen our leading lady

• What’s your game?
Mostly I play in the Big Game at the Bellagio alongside players like Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Barry Greenstein, Chau Giang, Bobby Baldwin, Lyle Berman, Gus Hansen, Eli Elezra and Phil Ivey. I play tournaments as well but I like live cash games best as you don’t have to set an alarm clock.

• Biggest wins and losses?
I haven’t been stuck a million yet in the Big Game – the most I’ve been stuck at any time is $550,000. The most I’ve ever lost overall is around $380,000 and the most I’ve ever won is a little over $500,000. Those are big swings though – even for me!

• High stakes?
Most of the time the Big Game plays around $2,000-$4,000 limit, but when there are big tournaments on or the right people are in town it doubles. We play a variety of limit games, along with potlimit Omaha, no-limit Hold’em and 2-7 Lowball with a $100,000 cap.

• Favourite hand
I gave a really bad beat to a friend of mine once when his father was putting him in the game. I had A-Q and he had A-A and the flop came A-Q-3, followed by running Queens! I felt so bad that I actually gave him his money back later. It was about $2,000, which was a lot at the time.

• Dream heads-up?
I’d have loved to have played Stu Ungar in the WSOP Main Event at no-limit Hold’em. I only ever got a chance to play him in limit cash games. To witness how talented he was, was just amazing…

• Best upcoming player?
There are a few like Phil Ivey and Todd Brunson who are still young but who are already there, so I’d say Joe Cassidy and Scott Fischman who are on the ascent and having a lot of success at the moment.

• Biggest game?
I played as part of ‘The Consortium’ – a bunch of pros pooling together a bankroll and taking turns to play billionaire banker Andy Beal heads-up. I played every level with him, from $10k- $20k to $100k-$200k. He got quite eccentric, even wearing full head gear, refusing to talk to his opponent and building a giant abacus out of $1 chips!

• Key moment in the game?
I played him individually in a $1m freezeout, and for a week before that I could not win a pot in Texas Hold’em to save my life. So I played my husband who had never played before and he beat me too! Then I got the call five minutes later to come down and play Andy. Fortunately, though, the tide turned and I beat him…

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