Part 1 of PokerPlayer’s countdown of the ‘Top Ten Poker Babes’: Vicky Coren & Shana Hyatt

From Shannon Elizabeth to Liv Boeree, PokerPlayer counts down the 10 sexiest babes in poker – here are numbers 9 & 10

Poker and beautiful women are not a natural combination. The majority of poker tournaments are filled by young geeky kids and grizzled gnarly veterans – neither of which are a sight for sore eyes.

Thankfully, more and more women are playing poker now – and the good news is that many of the best female players are also stunningly hot. Join us as we count down the top 10 poker babes in the world and crown the PokerPlayer Hottest Babe In Poker 2010.

10. Vicky Coren

vicky coren

English rose Victoria Coren has been around the UK poker scene since 2000 when she competed on the second series of legendary UK poker show Late Night Poker.

For years the well-spoken Coren was better known for her looks than her poker skills but in 2006 she proved that she could play a good game too, winning the 2006 EPT London for £500,000. Coren now divides her time appearing on TV shows such as Question Time, writing a weekly poker column for the Guardian newspaper and travelling the poker circuit.

9. Shana Hiatt

shana hyatt

Shana Hiatt rose to fame in the poker world as the presenter of the first three seasons of the World Poker Tour, the show that helped create the poker boom in America. It’s fair to say that Hiatt was chosen more for her looks than her poker knowledge but she has since become a keen online poker player.

Hiatt is a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and also appeared nude in a 1995 issue of Playboy. Although Shana hasn’t regularly appeared on poker TV for a few years her legacy lives on with thousands of fanboys on poker forums demanding her return. As the PokerPlayer 9th Hottest Girl In Poker we hope she hears the call.

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