PokerPlayer Top 5: Phil Ivey hands

Last week it was announced that Phil Ivey has moved into the world of boxing, co-founding the company All In Entertainment. While we welcome any news about the great man himself, it left us wanting some hardcore Ivey action.

His new clients might be able to pack a punch in the ring, but Ivey leaves his aggression for the poker table. We settled down to watch some of his greatest televised hands and here’s our top five…

5. Phil Ivey vs. Tom Dwan – Poker After Dark

Let’s be honest, the bet sizings are a little iffy for today’s game and yes, Phil Ivey did technically have the best hand. Either way it’s awesome to throw out $84,600 with ten-high…

4. Phil Ivey vs. Paul Jackson – Monte Carlo Millions

Everyone’s seen it. Everyone knows what happens. Everyone loves it.

With both players clicking it back with air (before clicking it back even existed), Phil Ivey wins the battle by five-betting the flop all-in…

3. Phil Ivey vs. Andrew Feldman – Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash Game

“Feldman so badly wanted to outplay Ivey and Ivey knew it.”

“Welcome to the big leagues buddy.”

Some great commentary from our new American PokerPlayer editor David Tuchman.

2. Phil Ivey vs. Lex Veldhuis – High Stakes Poker

If you were to ask anyone if five-bet shoving 5-2o is a good idea, you wouldn’t get many positive answers! Lex Veldhuis does everything right, picking up on a great spot where Phil Ivey is three-betting light. Unfortunately for him, Ivey is just boss, and this hand is on YouTube forever…

1. Phil Ivey vs. Tom Dwan – High Stakes Poker

We know Ivey doesn’t actually win the hand but the mere fact he contemplates calling on the river is impressive enough. And fair play to Dwan, who fires one of the most expensive three barrel bluffs ever seen.

It’s just one of the greatest televised hands in history.

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