PokerPlayer’s all time 52 best poker videos: WSOP

Poker has provided moments of incredible tension, with mind-bending sums of money up for grabs on the turn of a card.

And, with the stakes so high, it can all get a bit much for some people. As well as showcasing top drawer poker skills and players will balls of steel, the TV cameras have caught the biggest bust-ups, the funniest moments and the most controversial calls the game has ever seen. YouTube is also a fantastic archive of poker’s history, with footage going all the way back to the early days of the World Series of Poker in the early 70s. Join us as we count down the best 52 moments caught on camera. From the biggest hands at the most prestigious tournaments on earth, to Phil Hellmuth blowing up, getting stacked and showing the world his more sensitive side.

1973 WSOP

YouTube might be an icon of the modern age, but it’s also a fantastic curator of archive footage, including this rare documentary from the 1973 WSOP

Bluff of the century

Moneymaker’s bluff against Sammy Farha changed the world of poker forever.

First damn hand

Don’t go crazy on the first hand of the WSOP Main Event, even if you are Goldie Hawn’s son

Doyle folds Queens

Could you fold Queens on a 2-3-7 op to a raise? That’s why Doyle Brunson is one of the best.


The final hand from the 1988 Main Event was immortalised in the best poker lm, Rounders.

All over baby…

Watch Scotty Nguyen deliver his immortal line while winning the 1998 WSOP Main Event.

Best fold

If you make a world-class fold at the WSOP you really want the TV cameras and Mike Matusow on hand to make sure you get maximum exposure

All that glistens…

Jamie Gold won the biggest Main Event ever, but did Paul Wasicka actually call in the final hand?

Tears at the table

Pros are used to keeping it under wraps at the table but this beat was so brutal it was too much for Matt Affleck. At stake was an enormous 42m pot with 15 left in the 2010 Main Event. Affleck had Jonathan Duhamel crushed with Aces against Jacks on the 10-9-7-Q board. Duhamel had just 21% equity but spiked on the river to send Affleck into meltdown. To make matters worse, Affleck had to watch as Duhamel went on to win the bracelet and the near $9m first prize. It’s the stuff that recurring nightmares are made of.


What looked like a simple ip at the 2010 Main Event final table ended up having more twists and turns than the world’s scariest rollercoaster. Who would survive the carnage?

Man down!

Daniel Negreanu made an epic run in the 2015 WSOP Main Event and was sitting on the brink of the final table when he got into a hand with Joe McKeehen. The money went in on the op and Negreanu had the best of it – narrowly – but the poker gods didn’t want to play ball and Negreanu was skittled on the river. The poker world went into mourning and the Main Event rumbled on without its biggest star.

Three-handed meltdown

The largest pot ever at the WSOP was played out between Jonathan Duhamel and Joseph Cheong

World’s biggest beat

You’ve paid $1m to enter the world’s richest tournament and then you get dealt Aces against Aces…

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