Stake nothing and win money

Fancy taking on our PokerPlayer writers in a freeroll and qualifying to enter our £5,000 Grand Prix?

The top 27 qualify for the live final. Check the full leadboard on our forum.

Our Poker Player magazine writers can talk the talk but can they walk the walk? Well, yes they can walk. The real question is – can they play poker?

The inaugural Poker Player Grand Prix was launched back in October on Betfair Poker with a prize pool of £10,000.

The rules are simple:

There are two freerolls every month, Finish first, second and third and you are get 30, 22 and 14 points respectively along with £250, £150 and £100 in cash. You also get 5 points for playing and a bounty of 10 points for taking out any of the PokerPlayer staff.

If you haven’t played yet there’s still plenty of time to get involved. Once the freerolls are over the top 27 on the leaderboard go through to the final with a prize pool of a whopping £5,000.

You can check out the full leaderboard on the PokerPlayer forum.

The Poker Players Are:

Legends in their own living rooms, these players have inflated egos and deflated poker skills. Be nice, then take their chips off them.

The following are armed (with some poker knowledge) and can be dangerous. Take any of them out in the Poker Player Grand Prix and you’ll receive a 10-point bounty, plus a copy of Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2. Be warned though, they won’t go down without a fight.

Dave Woods

AKA K_Unknown

Style of play: Unique

Brought up by loving parents on an uncompromising mix of Blackjack and Cribbage, Woods has exploded unnoticed onto the poker scene. Likes to think he’s better than he actually is, so play along if you bump into him.

Richard Downey

AKA Dudek

Style of play: Legendary

A self-styled legend, Downey plays a tough mix of bluff, counter-bluff and haphazard trash talk, mixed with the occasional decent hand. Very hard to read and even harder to listen to.

Rick Dacey

AKA Dicey

Style of play: Drunken monkey

Dacey has perfected a style of poker that embraces the random swaying movements of inebriated simians. He has denied all police accusations of smuggling contraband goods to monkeys residing in the capital’s municipal zoological gardens.

Steve Hill

AKA HillyFish

Style of play: Aquatic

Hill can be found wherever there’s water and has a seven second memory when it comes to poker hand rankings. If you see him approach with caution as he scares easily. Just remember: ‘Don’t tap on the glass.’

Mark Stuart

AKA Shafty78

Style of play: Wild

Loose play and even looser trousers, Stuart has been known to shake more than Elvis in the early stages of a tournament. Suffers heart palpitations when sitting on pocket rockets, but enjoys slow-playing them for dramatic effect.

These twice-monthly freerolls are reserved for readers of Poker Player magazine only. Get a copy and find out the password of the next competition starting on December 6.

Tuesday December 6th @ 8:30pm

Monday December 19th @ 8:30pm

Tuesday January 3rd @ 8:30pm

Monday January 16th @ 8:30pm

Monday February 6th @ 8:30pm

Monday February 20th @ 8:30pm

Date of Final – TBC

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