The Best Poker Rants

Poker can get people a little on edge – check out our top five poker rants and be glad you’re not them…

1. Tuff_fish

If you haven’t heard Tony Sandstrom’s legendary rants you need to head straight to YouTube. The man known as ‘tuff_fish’ became a legend when videos of him losing online surfaced. As his catchphrase, ‘F*%k me to goddamn tears!’ implies, he’s not the greatest loser. 

2. Brandon Cantu

If you want to watch a grown man crumble into a whiny toddler you could do worse than watch Brandon Cantu cry how he lost heads-up in a 2012 WSOPE event. Also look out for the presenter attempt to refrain from laughing.

3. The Congressman’s son

When you are the son of a United States Congressman you should probably avoid making a buffoon of yourself online. Luckily for us, this privileged child didn’t agree – he really worked that guy!

4. I could kill a penguin

Sometimes swearing is really funny. Especially when it’s by two cartoons characters in a sauna, raging about the injustices of a bad beat. We’ve all been there…

5. Phil Hellmuth

No list of poker rants is complete without an appearance from the Poker Brat.

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