Phil Hellmuth’s greatest fits!

The WSOP wouldn’t be the same without seeing Phil Hellmuth completely lose it a time or three. Here are a few of our favorite WSOP (World Series of Phil) moments…

Phil Hellmuth vs. Christian Dragomir

Hellmuth’s raise with Ace-King gets called by his less seasoned opponent, who holds a measly T-4. Hellmuth tries to get inside the kid’s head but the flop has a Ten on it and the Poker Brat folds to a bet. Dragomir shows the T-4…cue a verbal storm from Mr. Hellmuth.


Phil Hellmuth vs. Adam Levy

Hellmuth flops a set of Eights and thinks he is slow playing trips. With a possible straight on board, Hellmuth reasons, ‘I’m not tricky enough to play Q-T this good am I?’ He’s not but, unfortunately for Phil, Levy is. The hand ends with Hellmuth getting bleeped and wondering how ‘these players even last this long’. Then he turns against the dealer…

Phil Hellmuth vs. Everybody

In a classic, from before the days of the hole-card cam, Hellmuth goes easy on four other players preflop despite having Aces. He shoves against an all-in on the flop only to get outrun by a pair of lucky card-catchers. But, Phil, isn’t this what happens when
you slow play bullets? No matter. A flip-out still ensues.

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