Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan vs Patrik Antonius is one of the great poker battles of current times.

After a long hiatus Dwan and Antonius put some hours in this week with explosive results

After all the speculation, the much anticipated Tom durrrr Dwan Challenge finally began this past week against Finnish superstar and Full Tilt Pro Patrik Antonius. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or a remote Welsh farm, for the last few months Tom Dwan issued a momentous challenge to the high stakes poker community to play him heads-up.

There are quite a few rules to the challenge but the basic gist is that durrrr will play anyone heads up at minimum stakes of $ 200/$ 400 for 50,000 hands. If at the end of that period Dwan is winning then his opponent must pay him $ 500k (on top of the losses he has suffered in the cash game). Crucially, though if Dwan loses then he must pay his opponent $ 1.5m – essentially giving up 3/1 odds!

Durrrr vs Patrik Antonius

Immediately after the challenge was issued poker superstars Phil Ivey, David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius all agreed to compete. After a long delay that had some wondering if it would ever take place at all, the action finally started this past week with Antonius stepping up to the plate.

The 50,000 hands will be played out on eight special $ 200/$ 400 Pot Limit Omaha ‘durrrr challenge’ tables that Full Tilt Poker have designed. Antonius has estimated that the challenge will take between 3-6 months to complete.

There will be daily updates right here so that you can keep on top of who is ahead in the challenge.

The Results

When we last reported on the Durrrr Challenge in mid-June Tom Dwan had managed to overturn a $400k deficit and storm into a lead of over $700,000. During the WSOP, with million dollar pots being played every night in Bobby’s Room, the online action between the two took a back seat and people began to wonder if the Challenge would ever be finished.

To the surprise of many the two gladiators got it on again this week though, with some spectacular results.

As of Thursday August 27th 2009, the results so far look like this;

Hands Played

22,683 of 50,000

Tom Dwan

Total Amount Won: -$81,112.50
Total Hands Won: 12,297
Average $ Won Per Winning Hand: $2,504.24

Patrik Antonius

Total Amount Won: $76,104
Total Hands Won: 10,311
Average $ Won Per Winning Hand: $2,994.18

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