Top 10 poker looks

‘All I had to do was put on the hat and I didn’t look anything like a student’ Ferguson


Is playing poker a sin? Of course it’s not – even Jesus plays cards. Okay, he may not actually be the son of God but Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson has performed more miracles at a card table than you’re ever likely to. While his $5.5m in live tournament winnings is impressive enough, it’s his preacher man styling that wins our accolades. When Ferguson was playing poker as a long-haired post-graduate he didn’t want grinders to know that he was a college kid so he took to wearing his signature headgear.

‘All I had to do was put on the cowboy hat and I didn’t look anything like a student. I don’t think even students in Texas wear them!’ says Ferguson. But apparently the messiah does.

His beard is more than just for aesthetic pleasure. Try picking up any tells through that growth. As for his hair, only three types of people can sport the long shanks look: rockers, bikers and the son of God. Add to that the crowning glory of the preacher look, Ferguson chose his hat so people wouldn’t think he was a student.


Vietnamese-born Scotty Nguyen has won more than $6m in tournaments, a good deal of which has been spent on bling. Gold chains, gold rings and the best hair pomade that money can buy keep the 1998 WSOP Main Event winner looking sharp at the table. Throw in some of the most garish Vegas shirts you’re ever likely to see and Scotty cements his place in the style charts.


Kenna James may be one of the nicest blokes on the circuit but to sit at the table with him you’d think you’re in some backwoods American town being stared down by the corrupt sheriff. His mirrored glasses, cowboy hat and country shirts make him look like he’d shoot your tyres out as soon as call you. And just to complete the persona, he’ll even sing some country songs mid-game.


Although it’s a look that doesn’t go down too well at Bluewater shopping centre, Phil Laak has made ASBO chic the de rigeur style of cardrooms on both sides of the pond. You’ll be hard pressed to recognise him with the hood down so look out for Hollywood starlet Jennifer Tilly – he’ll be the blonde bloke on her arm. Random bouts of shadow boxing optional.


Greg Raymer’s lizard specs are possibly the most unsettling piece of appartus ever seen on a poker table. Three separate rulings had to be made on them during the WSOP Main Event in 2004 but each time the appeals were dismissed. The controversy didn’t do the Fossilman any harm though as he went on to win the bracelet and the $5m first prize. He did look a bit of a tit though.


Two-time Main Event winner Johnny ‘Orient Express’ Chan found that the only way to combat the smoke-filled cardrooms of old was to bring a fresh orange to the table. The sweet citrus smell would help to give Chan a breath of fresh air – and made him a saint to Vegas grocers, as every wannabe champ wanted their own bit of lucky fruit with them at the baize.


Beloved by millions as the ‘Robin Hood’ of poker, Greenstein has given away millions of dollars in prize money to charity, but it’s his questionable attire that gets him in this top 10. We’re not sure where he gets his sweaters from but we haven’t seen the like since we peeled away 10 layers of wallpaper in the PokerPlayer office. And this photo’s no fluke – this is one of his better ones.


Devil. Fish. Each word emblazoned across his knuckles shout out why former jeweller Dave Ulliott is fast becoming the UK’s best selfpublicist. While he’s no slouch at the baize – WSOP and WPT titles attest to that – the intimidating northern chap is now pushing his own site, Thankfully the days of his Late Night Poker era square glasses seem long gone.


Jennifer Harman is without doubt one of the best players in the world – XY chromosome or not – and she also sports a dynamic feathered bob. And while her cute smile and platinum blonde flicky-haired look is instantly recognisable in the Vegas casinos, it’s worth remembering that beneath the goldilocks exterior lurks the ruthless, cunning mind of a poker genius. Beware!


Despite the protestations of Doyle Brunson, loads of players shield their eyes from the inquisitive stares of the table these days. And one of the most iconic is Phil Hellmuth, who even has his own branded sunglasses, courtesy of Oakley. The Poker Brat has also got his own PH clothing range, but rumours that he can’t get the sweaters over his big head remain unconfirmed.

Listen very carefully…

On the Party Poker Million V cruise, Richard Joel was short-stacked but flopped the nut straight on the BB with 7-6 offsuit, after a guy wearing an iPod failed to hear the blinds go up and didn’t bet enough to constitute a raise. Joel got to see a flop for free and when the board came 5-8-9 rainbow with two other callers he trebled through and went on to make the final table. A lesson for everyone who listens to an iPod at the poker table.

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