Top 5

British tournament players (winnings)

1. Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott $3,673,905

He might not play too many events these days but Devilfish still reigns supreme in UK tournament winnings. He’s won a WPT title and World Series bracelet, and is the best British player of his generation. But with a couple of younger stars snapping at his heels how long will he stay at the top?

2. Surinder Sunar $3,208,739

Sunar may be one of the quiet men of poker but his play at the table speaks volumes. In particular at the WPT in Paris two years ago when he weathered a verbal battering from Tony G to take the title and win over $800k.

3. Roland de Wolfe $2,487,122

Roland is certainly the form player of the UK, and possibly the world. The former InsideEdge journalist has won almost $2.5m in just over a year taking WPT and EPT titles as well as over £1m for a third place fi nish at the WPT Championship. There’s hope for us yet.

4. Ram ‘Crazy Horse’ Vaswani $2,387,672

The Hendon Mob player is rated as one of the top players in Europe and has narrowly missed out on grabbing a WSOP title several times. After six World Series final tables it really can’t be that far away.

5. John Gale $2,278,752

Gale isn’t far behind de Wolfe in terms of form. He’s won both WPT and WSOP events in the last two years – and there’s not many Brits who have done the double.

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