Top 5: Poker Pro obsessions that you just won’t beleive

Poker pro obsessions. Five things that take up a little bit too much of the pros’ spare time

1. Golf

The love affair between poker and golf little signs of abating. Players have been known to win and lose six-figure sums on the course despite playing off handicaps that would embarrass a teenager.

2. Open face Chinese poker

The game has become an obsession for many of the big name pros. Check the next issue of PokerPlayer for a guide to the game, although be warned it’s very addictive.

3. Prop bets

If you can think of it, poker pros have probably bet on it. Perhaps playing in a game where patience and discipline are essential makes them lose their minds in the real world, but how many other professions see people betting thousands on raindrops falling down a window?

4. Slang

‘So he donked out and I was like weeeeeeeee mbn check-jam in his eye. Sick. What a life.’ Mate, you’re 45 years old, stop talking like that. And take off the Ed Hardy t-shirt for the love of all things good.

5. Strippers

Arguably the single biggest leak for up and coming poker pros are the various strip clubs dotted around in convenient locations near the world’s poker venues. Some players live at the Rhino in Las Vegas during the WSOP.

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