We found the Top 5 best ‘Niche Poker Sites’. Are they the right site for you?

PokerPlayer runs down the top 5 niche poker sites – featuring pirates, UFC and brothels

1. Red Cherry Poker

With a rewards programme that includes prizes like a $1,000 spending spree in a brothel, this has to be the internet’s dodgiest poker site. Be warned, the website contains explicit images.

2. UFC Poker

Mixed martial arts brutality meets poker on this free-to-play site that gives away UFC tickets and gear as prizes. Unfortunately UK players don’t seem to be eligible for most of the prizes.

3. Poker2events

As well as normal cash prizes, this site gives away tickets to different types of sporting and musical entertainment. Football, motorsports and boxing are the mainstays, including F1 seats and even 2010 World Cup tickets!

4. Reeferpoker.com

A haven for poker players who like to smoke marijuana, this site offers videos dedicated to the drug and articles about weed alongside the standard strategy. Far out.

5. Galeonpoker.com

If your first stop in Vegas is always Treasure Island and you love eye patches, then pirate-themed site Galeonpoker might be the site for you. Or then again maybe not, as it looks rubbish.

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