We reveal the Top 5 worst things for your poker: “Number 1 is drinking too much alcohol at the table”

There are almost too many ‘worst things to get your poker game down’ to mention but we’ve tried to narrow it down

Surprisingly playing poker hammered is never a good idea, but what are some of our other biggest flaws at the table? 

1. Drinking too much

Playing drunk might be a laugh at the time, but when your down the docks renting yourself out to cover your losses you might think differently. Don’t gamble when drunk. It should be tattooed on every poker player’s hand.

2. Taking it personally

That tw*t in seat three didn’t set out to make your life a misery. He just had the right cards in the right spot. He doesn’t know you, and doesn’t care that you’ve lost. It’s just a game. Stop taking it so personally.

3. Short-term goals

Trying to win $100 in a night is a recipe for disaster. You might either quit a winning session too soon or turn a losing session into a disaster rather than just logging off. Poker is not a short-term game.

4. Monkey tilt

This is the hardest one to avoid, but we all know when we are on tilt, and yet few of us have the common sense to stop playing. If you’re getting angry at losing a coin flip then just log off and cool down for a bit. Or hit something.

5. Chasing losses

This is always a terrible idea. Playing higher when on tilt and losing? Step this way sir. You will be dishing money out like a cash machine. Keep your losing sessions short and your winning ones long.
What do you think are the worst things about your game? Read PokerPlayer magazine to find out more HERE
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