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Final Table Results

Event: PokerPlayer UK Tour, Leeds leg
Buy-in: £110
Entries: 101
Prizepool: £11,110
1. Dave Woods, £1,800 (PLUS £1,070 GUKPT seat)
2. Tom Ambler, £2,800
3. Alan Alderson, £2,515
4. Anthony Shields, £860
5. Mark Lathwell, £710
6. RichardSanger, £505
7. Stephen Ball, £400
8. DavidChalmers, £310
9. Henry Whale, £250
10. Clive Handy, £250

Woods you believe it! Dave Woods

PokerPlayer supremo Dave Woods is the 2013 PPUKT Leeds champion. It’s not rigged, honest guv’!
Congratulations Dave! This is not your first success in PokerPlayer events is it? 
I won the first ever Grand Prix, which was the first big live tournament we ever did with the magazine. I was also runner-up in another Grand Prix (to editor Ross Jarvis!) but in both of those there was no trophy and I couldn’t win any money. It made winning the trophy here brilliant!
You won a huge pot on Day 1 with A-A. 
I had been card dead most of Day 1 when I picked up Aces. I raised, a guy to my left moved all-in and it folded to the big blind who shipped all-in too! My Aces were against Jacks and A-K. The A-K flopped a flush draw but I held up and that put me second in chips for the final table.
The final table didn’t start well for you. Did you feel it wasn’t going to be your day? 
Definitely, every time I tried something I ran into a hand. I was down to about 20BBs and I needed to make a move. I picked up A-J and Mark Lathwell shipped on me. I knew I was behind but made a crying call. He had A-K and I got my bit of luck flopping a Jack.
PokerPlayer editor Ross was railing you. Did he give you any good advice? 
The most useful thing Ross did was buy me a beer. I had tightened up and was out of ideas. The beer really helped me relax again. 
You made a deal when three-handed. What were the motivations for that? 
I was short stack so took the least money, but my thinking was that I was not as good as the chip leader and we were still really deep. It was probably the right thing to do but Sod’s law is that as soon as we made a deal I started getting massive hands!
How did you shift the momentum against Tom Ambler heads-up? 
The GUKPT seat was huge for both of us but I really wanted the trophy above all else. He had been bossing things but when it got heads-up I was freed and very aggressive. I was in the zone and confident.
Is this the highlight of your poker career?
Yeah, it’s my biggest live win, there were good players and it was a great structure. Winning heads-up was especially satisfying!

Best of Leeds

Step 1: Eat at Red’s True BBQ
Line your tummies by pigging out at this brilliant meat-feast in the town centre. Order the beef ribs, pulled pork and a few mint juleps to set you up for the heavy night ahead.
Step 2: Drink amazing beer at North Bar
The UK’s first craft beer bar offers up incredible drinks, cool artwork and red-hot waitresses. Try anything from the local Kirkstall brewery or splash out on one of many American IPAs.
Step 3: Watch wrestling at the hotel 
If you can time your windfall to coincide with a major WWE show you will be kicked out of North Bar just in time to watch it at 1am. Then you can drink in the room and dance around while Brock Lesnar makes his epic entrance. Oh, that’s just Ross and Dave? You’re the ones missing out…

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