What are the top 5 iPhone poker apps? We decided to conduct our very own PokerPlayer survey

The best poker apps you can get on your iPhone

There are millions of apps out there for iPhone users covering everything from how much tip to leave at a restaurant to addictive games that involve throwing bits of paper into metallic bins. Poker players have got reason to be excited about the app revolution too as there are now hundreds of poker-related apps to choose from. PokerPlayer.co.uk has sifted through them all – the good, the awful and the downright terrible – to bring you our Top 5 iPhone Poker Apps. Read on below, download and enjoy!

1. Hover Poker, (Jormy Games, £1.79)

Who needs cards and chips when you have this clever app which allows you and up to 21 mates to play a game anywhere simply by passing the phone around? Noise alerts and a ‘peek counter’ prevent cheating.

2. Poker Dealmaker ICM, (TimeToDream, £1.19)

If you’ve ever been in an endgame situation and there’s been talk of a chop, but you don’t know whether or not you’re getting a good deal, this app will let you know with just a few inputs.

3. Poker Buddy, (Origin8, £2.99)

You might be playing a home tournament, but that doesn’t mean you have to slum the blind levels with a stopwatch or alarm clock. Poker Buddy was created by PKR owner Jez San and can cater for up to 100 players.

4. Home Game Poker, (Optimum Drama, £1.19)

Take a break from the standard games like Hold’em and Omaha with this app which comes fully loaded with the rules for 42 poker variants. The combination of text and graphics makes the games a doddle to learn.

5. Poker Analyzer, (Tommy Kammerer, £1.79)

If you’re serious about making improvements in your game, it’s important to know things like your hourly rate and best game, and this app does it all for you.

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