What’s on Annie Duke’s iPod?

We delve into the iPod of Annie Duke to see what gets her in the groove

So tell us, what music are you listening to?

The White Stripes, old Joe Cocker (like Mad Dogs and English Men), Willie Nelson, Squeeze, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Queen, Madness, The Bangles, Rage Against the Machine, Bush. There’s a lot of alternative stuff too, some hip-hop – Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Outkast.

Do you listen to a particular style of music to adapt with certain stages of the game?

I have it on shuffle. For me it’s more about killing time rather than motivation.

If you had to borrow a fellow player’s iPod, whose would you choose and why?

The best match is Erik Seidel – he has such great taste.

And whose wouldn’t you borrow?

Robert Williamson III is a tough one for me. There is no alternative — it’s full of 80s, but not good 80s. Phil Hellumuth is tough too – he has REO Speedwagon on his; he’ll tell you, ‘I listen to Jay-Z too,’ but that’s only because he knows he has too.

Is there a particular track or album that conjures any momentous memories in your poker career?

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. I was running hot in 2004 and it brings back good memories.

If you could only load one album on to your iPod, which would it be and why?

De Stijl by The White Stripes. They are just a great band. Jack White is amazing.

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