Who are the Top 5 poker tweeters and what have the they got to say? “Moral of the Story: People like sex and controversy”

We present the Top 5 Tweeters of the last 12 months…

We’ve trawled through the murky depths of poker’s brightest minds to bring you the best and most bizarre musings from the pros. (Okay, so we looked on their Twitter accounts.) And here you have it… from Negreanu’s pampered privates to Fleyshman’s lofty proverbs, PokerPlayer presents the Top 5 Tweeters of 2010….

1. Daniel Negreanu

The diminutive Canadian is a leading proprietor of all things Twitter and can be found updating his army of followers regularly throughout the day.

Consisting of tournament updates, couch potato habits, general shout-outs and hatred for all those who can’t rustle up some vegan grub, Negreanu’s Twitter page is one of the more interesting out there and definitely worth a click-through.

Best Tweet

I hate it when people say ‘You messed with the wrong person.’ Truth is that person is usually the perfect person to mess with. 1 Dec

What we think: Looks like Negreanu’s getting shirty. We wonder who’s going to bare the brunt of his vegan angst… his nemesis Annie Duke?

Worst Tweet

Hair Maintenance Day: chest lasered, hair cut, eyebrows waxed, junk shaved. All prettied up for Sydney! So excited to go in two days. 1 Dec

What we think: Right, so Daniel has shaved his junk. And then proclaimed the event a national holiday. It’s going to be bigger than Thanksgiving.

2. Doyle Brunson

At the ripe old age of 77 the Big Papa of poker has turned his attention to social networking, offloading his innermost thoughts to strangers – through the medium of pseudo-hip text speak. (Think “da” and “dat” instead of “the” and “that” and you’ll be on the right track. Yes, actually.)
All in all it’s a bizarre account: a part-ode to his redneck lifestyle – his pet dogs tussled with a wolf the other day – and the rest, a showcase of his comedic *ahem* talents.  It seems Doyle has a penchant for blonde jokes, adding nonsensical quips daily.
When he’s not talking life, ladies or poker – Doyle turns his attention to the topic of his age.

Best Tweet

OMG… I’m rich. Silver in the hair, gold in the teeth, crystals in the kidneys, sugar in the blood, lead in the ass, iron in the arteries. 7 Nov

What we think: Jackpot. Who needs poker when you’re made of money?

Worst Tweet

I’ve decided to go to Todd’s Halloween party dressed as a grouchy old man. I looked in the mirror and thought “this is gonna be easy”.  31 Oct

What we think: Doyle does his best Scrooge impression.

3. Phil Hellmuth

Reading Hellmuth’s site is a precarious pastime. There’s so much merchandise to dodge: there are posts promoting his Texas Hold’em ebook, something about a poker mobile phone game – and even his latest advert gets a mention. The man’s seems to be more concerned with turning himself into a global brand than playing poker. If you don’t believe us check out his Twitter homepage design where you’ll see his head plastered onto a can of “Hellmuth” beer.
But if you wade through the PR babble, you’ll find some classic Hellmuth prose. Written in his typically modest style, of course.

Best tweet

I consider myself a “Hero!” I inspire millions, I have perfect ethics + morals! But public thinks [I’m a] VILLIAN! 9 Dec

What we think: Hellmuth rattles on about changing the lives of millions with his sublime poker prowess. And in case you were wondering, the tweet itself is an answer to a quiz question about the things he’s said in past interviews. Because being the inspiration he is he expects people to recall all his words of wisdom. Naturally.

Worst tweet

I took a SICK beat in tournament! But handled it perfectly, [table] was waiting for me to GO OFF! But I didn’t whine, lecture or say one word! 5 Dec
What we think: Did this happen? We’re not convinced.

4. Annie Duke

Annie uses her account to talk family life and roast dinners. She’s in regular conversation with her friends and fans who seem to adore her. “You truly rock” – in capitals – comes the response from one.

But beneath the cosy exterior is a canny poker pro, as her tweets reveal:

Worst tweet

Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Left my home for LAX without my wallet. No money or credit cards this weekend. 9 Dec

What we think: Bad start, Duke.

Best tweet

Took care of the no wallet problem by winning $500 in the $1/2 nl game. Now I can go crazy in the Philly airport. 11 Dec

What we think: And she’s back in the game.

5. Dan Fleyshman

Dan’s twitter feed reads like a fortune cookie. A barrage of proverbs spill from the page as the self-proclaimed life coach dishes out advice on how to be as successful as him.
Ignore the fact that the advice makes no sense, and you have some great tongue-in-cheek reading. And that’s what counts.

Best tweet

Moral of the Story: People like sex and controversy. 20 Dec
What we think: Surely not? Sex and controversy is never the answer. 

Worst tweet

More is learned in pain than pleasure. 20 Dec
What we think: Ouch. Lighten up, Fleyshman.
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