WSOPE Main Event 2007: The £1m suckout

Annette Obrestad vs John Tabatabai, 2007 WSOPE Main Event

Last year’s WSOPE Main Event catapulted Annette Obrestad into the limelight, but it could have been a very dif ferent story. Down to three-handed, and with John Tabatabai the commanding chip leader, it’s not long before the ultra-aggressive pair clash in a make-or-break hand…

Blinds: 15,000/30,000/4,000
Annette Obrestad: Q?-J?
John Tabatabai: J?-J?

GRUB SMITH (WSOPE COMMENTATOR): Let’s see what J-Q does for Annette Obrestad. Not bad cards three-handed and she raises.

ROBERT WILLIAMSON (CO-COMMENTATOR): As she should from the button with that hand.

Annette Obrestad raises 50,000

GS: Matthew McCullough calls with the suited K-9. And John Tabatabai looks down at a genuine monster hand.

RW: And he is on a hot streak, he wakes up with another big hand. He’s going to have to re-raise right here – try to build a big pot.

Tabatabai raises 185,000 more

GS: And that is what he has done.


Matthew McCullough folds

John Tabatabai insta-calls

RW: Oooh and Annette Obrestad moves all-in and gets called instantly. She’s got to hate her hand – he called so quickly… she can’t be ahead.

GS: Annette has been living aggressively all week long and the crowd see now that she’s in big trouble.

Both of these players have been playing so aggressive and that’s what’s brought this call out.

Flop: 4?-6?-7?

GS: Not a good flop for Annette. She’ll need running spades, a Queen to win it, or a straight in the middle to chop.

Turn: 4?

GS: And now it has to be a Queen. Only three outs… or she’s out.

RW: She could be a victim of her own aggression.

GS: John can barely look. Annette may have her eyes closed behind those sunglasses…

River: Q?

GS: But she’ll want to open them now – she has hit the miracle Queen.

RW: Luck be a lady tonight.

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