Giveaway Weekends: Win a year’s subscription or a pack of playing cards

If you’re a fan of PokerPlayer on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you’ll have noticed our new Giveaway Weekends. Each and every Friday we pose a question and the best responses win either a pack of PokerPlayer playing cards (perfect for your next home game!) or a 12-month digital subscription to the world’s best poker magazine.

Our new world champ Ryan Riess was the subject of last week’s giveaway. What with proclaiming himself as the best player in the world and saying he ‘doesn’t give a f*&%’ what other poker players think of him, he hasn’t been backwards in coming forwards. But how would you react if you won the 2014 Main Event? Remain grounded and take it in your stride? Try to represent the poker world as the ultimate ambassador? Or Riess-it-up and take the poker world head on? Thanks to everyone who took part and a special mention goes to Richard Kent for saying Riess looks like someone out of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nice spot!

The winners!

Peter Thorpe wasn’t a fan of the Riess approach. ‘I would definitely be a lot more aware of my professionalism in public. At the end of the day you represent the game and any negative press you bring on yourself will adversely affect the game you love.’

Billy Ronan said that he’d be humbled and overwhelmed if he won the Main Event, but had a good point to make about the state of the game. ‘Let’s be honest, if there were no whiny, braggers and bitchy players I think that a lot of the fun  and excitement would be taken away.’ It’s an absolute fact that, love him or hate him, Phil Hellmuth brightens up the game, but do you need to achieve more before you start acting like the Poker Brat?

Ben Wigley thinks so. ‘I would take it in my stride, I’m too careful to go nuts and challenge all-comers to HU for rolls. I would carry on and play poker as a serious hobby and play more for sure.’

Look out for the next Giveaway Weekend on Friday around lunchtime on either Facebook or Twitter. Join in the conversation and you could bag yourself an extra Christmas present. We’ve got packs of cards and digital subscriptions of the magazine ready to throw at you!

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