Mervin Chan Wins Aussie Millions

29-year-old Malaysian takes down Aussie Millions Main Event, defeating star-studded final table

Mervin Chan has been declared this year’s king of the Crowne Casino, after the 29-year-old Malaysian took down the Aussie Millions Main Event for AU$1.6 million. Following a marathon 15-hour session on Saturday, the three remaining players who failed to reach a conclusion had to come back Sunday for an unscheduled, extra final-day before to decide on a winner. This time though things didn’t take quite so long, and after only one and a half hours it was all over. Taking place at the Crowne Casino in Melbourne, Australia, 629 people entered this years AU$10k Main Event and with play lasted for a total of 8 days.

Heading into the second of the final days, Joseph Cabret held a commanding 3 million advantage over both Chan and high-stakes regular Patrik Antonius. Cabret started the strongest of the three, using his stack to dominate the early play but it was a hand between the two shorter stacks, Chan and Antonius that would finally break the deadlock. 

Following an opening raise from Chan, Antonius shoved all-in over the top only for Chan to quickly make the call with his pocket Jacks. Antonius showed his A-4 and when no further Ace fell, he was left practically chipless. The very next hand the Finn was eliminated by Cabret and Chan went into the heads-up battle with his recently earned chip-lead.

A few hands later and there would be another decisive pot, but this time it would decide the overall winner. Following an open raise from Cabret, Chan re-raised the pot, only for Cabret to make a three-bet of 860k. The flop came 8-7-3 and both players checked it down. Another 8 on the turn led Cabret to make a bet of 1.2 million only for Chan to re-raise it to 3 million. After thinking about it for a while, Cabret three-bet, but this time for all of his chips. Chan quickly made the call, turning over 8-6 for trip Eights. Cabret turned over his Ad-3d showing an Ace-high diamond flush draw. A King of hearts on the river was not the card Cabret wanted and Chan leapt to his feet in celebration and was declared the 2013 Aussie Millions champion.        

Here is how the final-table ended up:

1. Mervin Chan, AU$1,600,000
2. Joseph Cabret, AU$1,000,000
3. Patrik Antonius, AU$600,000
4. Dan Shak, AU$400,000
5. Jarrod Glennon, AU$290,000
6. David Yan, AU$220,000
7. Jennifer Tan, AU$150,000

The other major headline from the weekend belonged to our very own Sam Trickett, who scooped a monster AU$2 million after he won the 18-player AU$250,000 challenge

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