Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Jong announces the launch of the partypoker Grand Prix UK Tour

Aimed at increasing interest from ‘grass roots’ poker players, the tour will include £50 buy-ins and a £250k guarantees at each event

Bringing the DTD experience to you

The Tour will look to get up to 5,000 entrants and will therefore require ‘stadium’ sized venues to accommodate all the players. The experience will replicate that of playing at the legendary poker club Dusk Till Dawn where Simon ‘Aces’ Trumper announces the shuffle up and deal and the DTD Valets are on hand to look after you

Yong commented on his own blog

“Last year I blogged about the stagnation of UK poker, apportioning some of the blame to the online poker sites who, in my opinion, were focussing on the short term revenues from high volume grinders at the expense of investing in grass roots poker, welcoming new players into this game that we all love and developing their software and products to provide a genuine level playing field for recreational players.

I said that we desperately needed one of the big online poker giants to step up and take on the challenge of re-generating the UK poker scene – it is a lot easier to introduce someone to poker when he is sitting at home in his y-fronts and slippers than drag him out of his house to a live casino card room, which in itself can be a daunting experience for a first-timer.

I volunteered my own time and DTD’s services to work with such a company to help them bring the trust back into online poker by working hand in hand with the UK Poker Community.”

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