Poker Player magazine January 2017: People are moaning about poker getting harder!

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People are always moaning about poker getting harder. And it’s a great excuse to pull out if you’re consistently losing. But, while it’s true to a certain extent, it should surely just act as a motivation to improve your own game? Poker, like any other leisure activity, is something you can dip into or make it your life’s work to master. If you’re happy just playing the odd tournament or Spin & Go, and you’re not interested in improving through hard work, then good luck to you. I sincerely hope you bink the jackpot or a huge tourney win. That’s the beauty of poker.



It is still possible to knuckle down and improve your game however, and turn yourself from a consistent loser into a consistent winner. It just takes dedication and some hard graft. And the great news is that all the tools you need are available for free. You’ve already made a good start – PokerPlayer gives you loads of strategy for free, and this issue we’re looking at how to satellite into the Sunday Majors on the cheap. On Twitch you’ll find loads of players streaming and giving you insight into their game for no charge. Jason Somerville’s Run It Up show is a great place to start. Daniel Negreanu, the world’s number one all-time money winner, has recorded a strategy podcast this month and promised one each month going forward. Put simply, there’s no excuse for losing – unless you’re happy just playing to bink

Dave Woods, PokerPlayer Editor

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