Martin Jacobson is your new world champ!

Super Swede overcomes short stack to clinch the bracelet in a thrilling final table

The WSOP Main Event might be the most prestigious tournament in the poker world but the sheer volume of entries means the winner isn’t always from the elite ranks. Martin Jacobson is. The Swedish pro had to overcome a short stack on the final table, but after winning a critical flip against Billy Pappas with five players left ­– both had around 25m at the time – Jacobson didn’t look back. We had him as one of our official picks at 8/1 so we managed to clean up as well. Hopefully you followed our advice too!

Jacobson went into the three-handed final day second in chips – behind Jorryt van Hoof who had been chip leader for at least 90% of the final table – but won a huge pot against Norwegian Felix Stephensen with Aces to draw almost level. He then eliminated van Hoof in third when the Dutch pro raised to to 3.6m on the button with A-5. Jacobson three-bet to 9.2m with A♠-T♣, Van Hoof four-bet jammed and Jacobson snap-called, knowing exactly where he was in the hand. A Ten on the saved Jacobson from the customary sweat.

Jacobson was now heads-up with a huge chip lead and Stephensen never got back into it. After chipping him down all the money went in with Stephensen’s A-9 behind Jacobson’s pocket Tens. A Ten on the flop shows that, just occasionally, poker can be an easy game.

Jacobson, who already had $4,833,732 in earnings, including four final table finishes at EPT main events, adds a cool $10m to his tally which catapults him into ninth place in the all-time money list.


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