Meet the 2014 November Nine

Mark Newhouse makes history by going back-to-back, but who else is on the final table of the 2014 Main Event and what are their odds of winning?

1. Jorryt van Hoof

Nationality: Netherlands
Chips: 38,375,000
Odds: 100/30*
Career winnings: $1,089,305**
AKA: Oranjeboom

Dutchman van Hoof is an online cash game pro who hadn’t played the WSOP for five years. He has a lot going for him – a big stack and a great surname.

2. Felix Stephensen

Nationality: Norway
Chips: 32,775,000
Odds: 9/2
Career winnings: $752,843
AKA: New Kid On The Block

Stephensen hadn’t won much live before this but he’s trousered over $300k online since 2011. The Main Event was the only tourney he played at the 2014 WSOP.

3. Mark Newhouse

Nationality: USA
Chips: 26,000,000
Odds: 11/2
Career winnings: $3,506,897
AKA: The Cockroach

Newhouse’s achievement in making back-to-back final tables in the Main Event is incredible – now he needs to close the deal for ultimate glory.

4. Andoni Larrabe

Nationality: Spain
Chips: 22,550,000
Odds: 13/2
Career winnings: $1,082,968
AKA: Basque Glory

The youngest player at the table (22) had already cashed for over $340k before the Main Event. He’s also the first Spaniard to make the Main Event final table since Carlos Mortensen in 2001.

5. Dan Sindelar

Nationality: USA
Chips: 21,200,000
Odds: 8/1
Career winnings: $1,066,687
AKA: Sin-derella

Sindelar is the archetypal live pro, moving to Vegas when he graduated college in 2006.

6. William Pappaconstantinou

Nationality: USA
Chips: 17,500,000
Odds: 11/1
Career winnings: $747,104
AKA: Foosball Legend

Pappaconstantinou, better known as ‘Billy Pappas’ to his friends, is a five-time US foosball (table football) champ and is now looking to add poker world champion to his CV too. 

7. William Tonking

Nationality: USA
Chips: 15,050,000
Odds: 13/1
Career winnings: $824,031
AKA: All-American Boy

Tonking is an online cash pro. Expect him to win the Ryan Riess award for Player Most Likely to Turn Up in a Sports Jersey And Look Incredibly American.

8. Martin Jacobson

Nationality: Sweden
Chips: 14,900,000
Odds: 11/2
Career winnings: $5,549,342
AKA: EPT Superstar

The closest thing to a bona fide poker superstar. Jacobson has been a constant presence on the EPT circuit, with two main event runner-up finishes.

9. Bruno Politano

Nationality: Brazil
Chips: 12,125,000
Odds: 16/1
Career winnings: $848,050
AKA: Don’t Mention The Football

Politano will be hoping to put a smile back on the faces of his nation after becoming the first Brazilian ever to make a WSOP Main Event final table.

*All odds supplied by the Betfair Exchange and correct as of August 258
**Winnings include $730,725 which is guaranteed to all nine players

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