Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius video discuss an $800,000 pot they played – can you understand them?

It’s very rare that either Phil Ivey or Patrik Antonius are caught on camera discussing poker strategy. It’s even rarer still when the two great poker minds are in the same room talking about a hand they played against one another. In a promotional video for Ivey’s new training site Ivey League that’s exactly what happened, as Ivey and Antonius discussed the complicated backstory behind an $800,000 pot the two played back in 2007. 

In case you never saw it here is the hand, where Ivey’s full house gets paid off by Antonius with trip Aces: 

Now to the uninitiated it may just look like a fairly standard cooler, which Antonius probably should have been able to get away from on the river. However, when you hear Antonius and Ivey discussing the hand there were clearly many more factors at play here. The two were betting big on ‘props‘ – side bets that have nothing to do with poker – which this time revolved around certain cards and colours of suits hitting the flop. Although the two poker stars attempt to explain the rules, and how it impacted on the hand in question, PokerPlayer must admit that we were still scratching our heads at the end. 

Watch this video of Ivey and Antonius (and some other guy with a pile of notes struggling to keep up) and see if you fully understand what they are talking about… 

Whether you understand the discussion or not one thing is for sure – Ivey takes great glee in laughing at the misfortunes of Patrik Antonius. And to his credit, even Patrik manages to laugh off the $400k error, even if it did take seven years for him to find the funny side of it… 

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