Roll up for the WPT National Newcastle!

There’s £100,000 up for grabs on the latest stop of the WPT National UK tour – qualify now for as little as $1 on partypoker

The World Poker Tour hit the UK in a big way last year when it staged the hugely successful WPT500 at Dusk Till Dawn. An incredible 2,133 players bought in for a shot at the £1m guarantee, with PKR pro Eleanor Gudger taking down the biggest win of her career. It followed this with another £1m guarantee in Nottingham, in the £3k WPT Main Event, where Matas Cimbolas came out on top of a fierce final table that contained fellow pros Patrick Leonard, and Antoine Saout.

The WPT isn’t just for the world’s biggest pros though. The WPT National UK tour began last season as well, with the aim of delivering an authentic World Poker Tour experience for everyone, regardless of budget.

The good news is that it’s back for more action in 2015, and if you’ve always wanted to play in a WPT event, it’s time to clear your diary!

Get your acca on

The next stop on the WPT National UK tour is at Aspers Casino Newcastle, April 30 – May 3. The main event comes with a whopping £100,000 guarantee and uses the innovative accumulator format, which enables you to buy-in and experience the thrill of a WPT event from as little as £200.

The tournament is split into three £200 Day 1 flights, on Thursday April 30 (8pm) and Friday May 1 (2pm and 8pm). You can buy-in to one, two or all three of these flights and at the end of each one your stack will be bagged and moved forward to Day 2. If you get through more than one flight your stacks will be combined to give you your total starting stack for Day 2.

Day 2 of the main event starts on Saturday at 2pm and, with any luck, you’ll be back at 3pm on Sunday to play for the trophy and chunky first prize.

If things don’t go so well in the Accumulator it’s not the end. There are lots of cash games and side events to play over the weekend, including the £110 WPTN Experience on Saturday, and the £80 8-Max Bounty event and the £55 Turbo Charged Deepstack on Sunday. You can’t be sure of winning any of them, but we can guarantee you’ll have a good time trying. The atmosphere at WPT Nationals is always fantastic and you’ll be made to feel welcome even if it’s your first live event.

Click here to see the full schedule for Newcastle and all the other relevant information

Qualify for $1

If the £200 buy-in is still too much for your bankroll, you can qualify online on partypoker for as little as $1. Daily $1 rebuys and $2 freezeouts feed into the $20 Seat Only satellite, which plays each evening at 7.45pm BST. There’s one $320 seat at the WPT National Newcastle guaranteed and one more added for each $320 in the prize pool.

You can also play for a package in the weekly $50 satellite on Sundays (7.45pm BST). Daily $2 rebuys and $5 freezeouts feed into this. The package value is $800, which includes your $320 buy-in and spending money.

If you like your satellites fast and furious there are daily 500 Chip Hypers as well. $5 Hypers feed into the $20 Seat Only satellite and $10 Hypers feed into the $50 Package satellite.

Qualify for the WPT National Newcastle on partypoker now – satellites run daily until April 26, from as little as $1.

Learn the lingo

Don’t sound out of place when you hit the streets of Newcastle, with our handy guide to speaking authentic Geordie

  • Purely belta, beltas – Exclamation of joy
    • Usage: ‘This tourney is purely belta, like’
  • Geet walla – Very, very large
    • Usage: ‘I really want to win that WPT National trophy, it’s geet walla’
  • Gan – Go
  • Gadgie – Man
  • Radgie – Temper tantrum
  • Doylem – Idiot
    • Usage: ‘That gadgie’s gannin’ proper radgie. He should never have raised you on the river though, he’s a proper doylem’
  • Howay man! – Exhortation or encouragement (positive or negative)
  • Deek – A quick peek
    • Usage: ‘Howay man! Are you trying to get a deek of my cards?’
  • Haddaway – A proclamation of disbelief
    • Usage: ‘Haddaway man, there’s nee way you’re cashing playing like that’
  • Wey aye, man! – To agree
    • Usage: ‘Howay man! You’re running hotter than Jamie Gold at the 2006 WSOP’
      ‘Wey aye, man!’
  • Hoy – To throw
    • Usage: ‘Hoy that dealer button over here’ (not to be confused with gannin’ on the hoy, which means to go out and get drunk)
  • Clamming – Starving
  • Scran – Food
    • Usage: ‘Howay man! Let’s gan for some beltas scran, I’m clamming’
  • Netty – Toilet
    • Usage: ‘When’s the next break dealer? I need the netty’
  • Micey – Showing signs of madness or mental instability
    • Usage: ‘Watch it, he’s gannin’ micey since he got two outered by that doylem’
  • Bubble – To cry
    • Usage: ‘I’m ganna proper bubble if I bubble this tourney.’

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