Smoker’s delight: Nicoccino, the preferred choice for poker players

Cigarettes and poker don’t go – ditch them and go smokeless next time you’re in a casino

Picture this. You’re playing cash in a casino and you’re running hotter than ElkY, when you get a sudden craving for a cigarette. You sit out and make your way to the smoker’s corner and huddle with a handful of other players. In the rain. After ten minutes you make your way back to the table, but you’ve lost your momentum and end up giving all your chips back.

Or this. You’re playing in a live tourney and you’re nursing a critical 10BB stack. You really want a cigarette but the next break isn’t for an hour and you can’t afford to miss any hands. Unfortunately, the craving gets too much and you end up making a bad call for your tournament life, and you’re eliminated five off the money. You go for a smoke and contemplate what might have been as the remaining players celebrate the bubble bursting.

If you’re a pro player, cigarettes could be costing you a lot more. If you slope off for a cigarette every hour then you’ll be losing around a sixth of your annual wage. You might not pay income tax as a professional poker player, but you’re voluntarily setting fire to a similar amount.

Fix the leak

We say it’s time to ditch the cigarettes and turn to a more convenient alternative. Nicoccino is a leaf-thin film that you place under your lip and onto your gum, where it dissolves delivering 1mg of nicotine – the same as one regular strength cigarette. With more venues banning e-cigs, Nicoccino is the perfect way to get your nicotine hit when you can’t or don’t want to smoke or vape – you can take one whenever you want, wherever you are, and no one will even notice.

Developed in Sweden, where players really hate leaving money on the table, Nicoccino contains only natural ingredients, so there’s no tobacco, no tar and no smell. They’re the perfect companion if you play poker and smoke – they deliver a quick and powerful hit of nicotine, and they’ll keep you focused and at the poker table, which is where you should be.

Try it for free now!

We took the PokerPlayer team down to the local casino to try out Nicoccino and we’re happy to report that it works like a dream. Our designer literally can’t go an hour without a cigarette, but stayed at the cash tables for five hours straight without tapping his fingers or jiggling his feet – signs that he’s about to head out for a smoke (or that he’s been dealt Aces).

They say that you’re never supposed to believe a poker player though, so don’t take our word for it. You can get a free trial pack of three Nicoccino films delivered to your door so you can put them to the test yourself. Just go to and enter your details. You can also buy Nicoccino direct from the website. A pack of ten films costs £4.99, a pack of 30 costs £14.49 or you can buy a pack of 90 for £39.99.

Nicoccino is also available at Aspers Westfield Stratford City, so you can buy them while you’re playing. If you ever get caught short in their poker room, you can relax knowing that smokeless help is at hand.

Want to know more about Nicoccino? Watch the advert below and check the Nicoccino website for the very latest info.

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