The Betsafe SuperWeekend 2016

Kevin Greathead won his package to the Betsafe SuperWeekend in our freeroll and spun that up to second place and over €10k in Tallinn!

PokerPlayer: Congratulations Kevin, awesome result in Tallinn!

Thanks, yeah, I’m still buzzing from it.

You’ve got history with us haven’t you?

Yeah, I won a package to the Irish Poker Open, the World Cup tournament you ran in London and a few seats on the PokerPlayer Tour.

Do you play more online or live?

I play a lot more online, probably about 75%, but I usually win two or three live packages a year. I’ve already hit my quota for this year! I won a seat into the Irish Open, the SuperWeekend package and Betsafe gave me a Battle of Malta package for coming second. When we got down to three tables they said they’d give me a package if I won. When we got down to five-handed they were heading off to the party so they gave it to me then.

Nice bonus! Had you been to Tallinn before?

This was my first time. It looked really nice, friendly and clean. I walked to a few parks and they were spotless – not a bit of litter everywhere. It’s also the first time I’ve won a package with Betsafe and they really know how to look after their players. I’ve won packages with other sites and you see them at the start of the tournament when they give you a t-shirt and that’s the last you see of them. Betsafe looked after me, and bought me drinks, the whole time I was out there.

Did you go out on your own?

I went out with someone I’ve played with a lot from the PuntersLounge forum, Benedetto Passantino. He’s a good player but got a bit unlucky on Day 1. We swapped 5% so he still won a bit but he earned it. He was running round getting me stack sizes.

So you weren’t a big stack all the way through the tournament?

The play, especially from the Scandies, was super aggressive. We started with a 50k stack and I lost one big hand with A-K v A-2, with an Ace on the op and a Two on the turn. In the other I had trip Aces and the bloke hit a full house with pocket Eights. After about an hour and a half I was down to 19k and every time I put a raise in people were coming back over the top. I must have been one of the oldest players there – there was one kid who looked like he was about 12 – so eventually I had enough. I put a raise in with Queens and got raised and reraised, and just looked at these two Scandies and said, ‘Don’t f♣♥k with the old guy,’ and moved all-in. They both folded.

So that became your catchphrase?

We got down to the last six tables and this kid was there again. I raised with A-Ks and got raised and reraised. This kid started talking in Norwegian to his mate and then they both looked at me. The kid said, ‘I just told him, don’t f♣♥k with the old guy.’

And they both folded?

I got a call off one of them and made the nut flush and nearly tripled up.

So he didn’t take the advice?

No, and from that point it all started going well. About an hour after that I had a million chips and was fourth in the tournament.

And was that it? You were never really in trouble again?

I lost around half my stack when we were ve or six-handed. Someone with about 700k shoved and I called with A-J. He had 8-6 and opped an Eight. After that I just played it steady.

What were the stacks like heads-up?

Pretty even but it was all over on the rst hand. He shoved with K-Q and I called with A-9.IhitaNineonthe opandthenhehita Queen on the turn and another on the river.

You can’t do any more than get your money in good…

I was happy. €10,800 and three bounties, plus a nice trophy. I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I got there. I was given a €5 free bet and put it on my wife’s birthday on the roulette – she passed away some years ago – and won €180.

Did you get any time to celebrate after?

It finished about 1am and I had an early flight so my first celebration drink was on the plane back.

What are you going to do with the cash?

I’ve gone a bit mad – I bought myself a 55-inch TV. I bought my dad one as well and I got my sister a new laptop.

Spreading the love around, that’s good poker karma… Congrats again! 

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